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Our tools

Since 1997, we're developing and marketing:

  • Diagnostic tools;
  • Evaluation tools assessing the skills and human qualities of an individual;
  • Evaluation tools assessing the optimal performance zones of an individual and the ideal work environment for him to give his maximum potential;
  • Tools for managing your employees and candidates records, taking into account the human qualities required for a given position;
  • Evaluation tools assessing the affinities, the complementarities; the discrepancies and the risks of conflicts between an individual and his colleagues and superiors;
  • Evaluation tools assessing the growth and the return on investment.
Turnover rate calculation :
How much does your company pay because of the loss of employees?

According to various studies,

  • Losing an employee cost between ½ and 2 times his annual salary.
  • There are two main causes for that:
    • Job dissatisfaction, especially because:
      • The person doesn't work in his zones of performance;
      • He often feels like he's wasting his time, he's not using his full potential.
    • He has a difficult relationship with his immediate superior, especially:
      • Because they don't communicate well:
        • Because of a lack of affinities;
        • Because of a lack of complementarities;
        • Because of great discrepancies.

This calculation tool allows you to:
  • Identify the types of positions:
    • With the highest turnover rate;
    • Where the turnover is most expensive in terms of loss of profits.
  • Identify the types of positions:
    • Where it is most urgent to act in order to maintain your employees;
  • Calculate the loss of income, the loss of opportunities generated by the departure of some types of employees.
  • To keep up to date statistics on the improvement of your turnover rate, for each type of employees.
Statistics on the origin of the candidacies:

What are the mediums of recruitment that gave the best results?
Do you invest in the right mediums?

Where your candidacies come from?

The statistical report allows you:
  • To quickly identify the mediums that gave the best results for a given position;
  • To better target your recruitment strategy;
  • To identify the employees who referred candidates and prompt them to continue;
  • To identify, by classes of positions (e.g. senior executive, project manager, supervisor, dedicated employee, non-dedicated employee, etc.), which medium gave the best results.
Report ranking the adequacy between the human qualities required for a position and the ones of the candidates:

Most of the time, a person is hired because of his training, his experience, and is dismissed or fired because of his personality.

What are the skills, the talents, the human qualities required for a given position?

This ranking, in decreasing order, allows you:
  • To quickly sort the candidacy you received for a position on the basis of the human qualities required and the specifications of the position;
  • To search in your database (employees and candidates), even before you post a job offer. That way, you get a powerful tool for promotions from within and to plan the relief of your company.
The profiles:

The questionnaire is available in English, French, Chinese and Spanish.
All the profiles are available in English and French; some are also available in Chinese and in Spanish.

The profiles are communication tools aimed to highlight:
  • The skills, talents and human qualities of each person on an individual level, in his relationships and in his activities at work. It also highlights his possible pitfalls;
  • His zones of performance and the types of activities in which he gives his full potential;
  • His motivation process: what motivates him and what can make him lose his motivation;
  • His affinities, his complementarities and his discrepancies with others;
  • The constructive and productive contribution he can bring to an organization.
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