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Company :
Origin of the name :
Derived from the Greek μαιευτική : the adjective maieutic refers to (of the Socratic mode of inquiry) serving to bring a person's latent ideas into clear consciousness. (The Canadian Oxford Dictionary)
The logo :
The « » with the blue dot, rising above the other letters, represent the human being who is the key element in the maieutik profiles. The color of the dot, blue, is the color of communication. Since communication is always important, the profiles set forth how an individual communicates with himself and what are the results of such communication in his relations with others and in his activities at work.
The Thinker by Rodin :
The Thinker symbolizes the wisdom and quiet strength brought by a better knowledge of oneself and of others.
The product designer :
Jean-Guy Raymond
  • Academic training in linguistics and psycholinguistics;
  • Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
His background :
  • University teaching (7 years);
  • Founding president of a manufacturing company (6 years);
  • Life and health insurer (10 years);
  • Founding president, in 1997, of Maieutik and designer of its evolutionary profiles.
The technology :
Every operation, whether it is filling the questionnaire, generating various profiles, etc. is done in real time on the internet. Therefore, the Maieutik services are available worldwide 24 hours a day.
Everything is done in a closed-security environment.
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